How To Create an Online Shop With Martfury Theme | Easy Method

1. How To Install Your Theme

Important: One of the most common reasons people have issues is because they try uploading the full zip that includes demo content, theme, documentation…etc which displays the “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.” error. Please make sure you upload only the theme which is called martfury.zip.

Now that you made sure WordPress is up to date, you can install the theme, and there are two ways to install Martfury, via WordPress or via FTP.

Install Martfury via WordPress

Step 1 – Log into your WordPress website and go to Appearance > Themes and click Add New.

Step 2 – Click  Upload Theme.

Step 3 – Browse the martfury.zip file on your computer and click Install Now

Step 4 – After the theme was installed successfully, just click to activate it.


Install Plugins


Step 1 – Click to Begin installing plugins the top of the page.

Step 2 – Check boxes to select all the plugins you want to install and click on Install from the dropdown box and then click the button to Apply.

Step 3 – After you have installed all the plugins, click on Return to Required Plugins Installer.

Step 4 – Select the plugins you installed, and apply the bulk action to activate.

One click import demo content

The easiest way to import our demo content is to use our Demo Content Importer. The importer will give you all pages and posts, sample sliders, widgets,  Theme Options, and more with only one click. To import our demo content, please see the steps below.

Step 1 – Download Soo Demo Importer plugin or get soo-demo-importer.zip in the plugins folder of the theme package.

Step 2 – Read our Install a Plugin using the WordPress Admin Plugin Upload or Manually Install a WordPress Plugin using FTP to learn how to install a plugin.

Step 3 – Go to Appearance > Import Demo Data.

Step 4 – Choose the demo and data you want to import.

Step 5 – Click Import.

Step 6 – It can take a few minutes to import everything. Please be patient and wait for it to complete. Once it loads, you will see a Import Completed message.


Step 7 –  The Final Setup 

There are some things you need to change. To do them, please see the steps below.

Product Deals: Because the product deals need to set up the sale price dates so it can’t import. So, you need to go to Product Deals to know how to set up the product deals and product deal of the day.

Footer Links

  • Go to Appearance >Widgets>Footer Links>select menus you want to show
  • Click Save

Footer Widgets

  • Go to Appearance >Widgets>Footer 1, 2, 3, 4>select menus you want to show
  • Click Save

MailChimp Form

  • Go to MailChimp for WP>Forms:
  • Click Save Changes


Contact Form 7:

  • Go to Contact>Contact forms>Edit Contact form>Mail:
  • Contact Form 7 : There are several things you need to change here such as the email addresses…(as red-made in the screenshot):


Activate & Save Permalinks

To prevent any 404 errors on custom post type pages, after installing and activating plugins for this theme, you need to activate & save permalinks.

  • Go to Settings> Permalink settings
  • Select the format you would like to use.
  • Click the save button.



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