How to create a Bus and Car Booking Website


This is one of the best and simple bus booking plugin in WordPress directory, Its used Woocommerce for making payment so Its freedom to use any payment gateway via WooCommerce. This plugin will run with Woocommerce but it will work as event post it will not take any effect on woocommerce products so if you want you can sale your product along with it.

✅ Support Any Payment Method That support WooCommerce
✅ Intermediate bus route booking works with different Price
✅ Return booking also Possible
✅ Shortcode Powered
✅ Unlimited Bus
✅ Unlimited Category
✅ Unlimited Boarding Point
✅ Unlimited Dropping Point
✅ Unlimited Pricing
✅ Open Source
✅ Responsive Design
✅ Developer Friendly
✅ Based on Woocommerce
✅ Works with any standards compliant WordPress theme
✅ Plays well with other Plugins
✅ 100% Customizable
✅ Easy to modify templates
✅ Template Override feature.
✅ Live Demo
✅ Online Documentation


To display the search form:


You can add this shortcode to any page where you like to add search form. and then you have to create another page for search result with slug /bus-search-list/ and shortcode


normally this page create automatically during installation so make sure you have a page bus search list and this page selected from settings->bus search page option.

we have some other shortcode that you may need to display bus list

[wbtm-bus-list cat=''show='10']

here show 10 means it will display 10 bus in list, you can change as needed

By default showing all bus, but if you want to show bus list of a particular category you can use this attribute, just put the category id with this. example:

[wbtm-bus-list cat='ID']

Bus Ticket Booking


Send download link to:

The Car and bus booking Reservation System is designed with WordPress to automate online ticket purchasing through an easy-to-use online booking system. Embed our online bus ticketing system into your website and enable your customers to book tickets for various routes and destinations. With the This ticket reservation system, you can manage reservations, client data, and passenger lists. You can also schedule routes, set seat availability, upload an interactive seat map, and let customers select their seats.

Buy the complete Package including Theme and Plugin here

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