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Generating commission with Travel Widgets

Please note that in order to track your traffic and generate commission with our Travel Widgets, you’ll have to be an approved partner on Impact and use the Travel Widget codes provided via Impact that have the correct tracking. Apply to join our affiliate programme here.

  • Flight Search Widget
  • Hotel Search Widget
  • Car Hire Search Widget

Flight Search Widget

The Flight Search Widget is similar to the Simple Flight Search Widget, but it provides a more comprehensive control of flight search on your site. It gives you everything your users need to start flight search on Skyscanner.


NB: For best presentation on your landing page, ensure that the widget is in a container with a width of at least 300px if you don’t use Multi-city mode, or at least 500px for Multi-city mode. Otherwise you may experience styling issues.

Important note: If you are using a Content Secure Policy Header to control resources on your website, please make sure you allow the following URLs:,,,

Widget Options

You can customize your widgets with localization, colours, text and more – see below for details on how to set these options.





1.<div data-skyscanner-widget=”FlightSearchWidget” data-locale=”en-GB”></div>
2.<script src=”” async></script>






Explore Complete Widget Options Here

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