How to Limit COD (Cash On Delivery) on woocommerce-WooCommerce Smart COD

This plugin extends WooCommerce Cash on Delivery Gateway, providing the capability to add not one, but multiple different extra fees and restrictions based on customer’s location, selected shipping method and many other factors.

It also supports many different restriction cases, covering every possible scenario you’ll ever need.

WooCommerce Smart COD


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WooCommerce Smart COD PROa business class, cash on delivery management plugin.
Reliable, secure and fully customizable, with a highly engaged and dedicated support team!

Some of the additional robust features are:

  • Risk Free COD (advance payment to secure COD)
  • Unlimited extra fees (as many combination scenarios, as you need)
  • WCFM Marketplace Multivendor support
  • WooCommerce Currency Switcher (WOOCS) support
  • Adjustable COD fee, on order-pay page (after failed order)
  • Upload restrictions with CSV
  • Restrict by cart amount range
  • Restrict by product weight
  • Restrict by customer
  • Restrict by customer email
  • Restrict by customer phone
  • Restrict by stock
  • Restrict by coupon
  • Restrict on backorders
  • Restrict by cart quantity range
  • All available restrictions, now applicable on extra fees
  • Hide/show fee on cart


Restriction can be enable or disable. The switch between enable and disable is extremely easy.
The restrictions available are:

  • Shipping Zone
  • Shipping Method inside Shipping Zone
  • Country
  • State
  • Postal Code (Supports Ranges)
  • City
  • User Role
  • Products in cart (Supports Variations)
  • Categories of the products in cart
  • Cart Amount
  • Shipping Class

You can define an informational message to display before the payment methods, when the COD method is not available for a customer.
You can define different messages per restrict reason.


The extra fee can be variable and except the “standard” one, you can define fees per:

  • Shipping Zone
  • Country
  • Shipping Method
  • Shipping Zone and Shipping Method (combined)

You can enable or disable this extra fee based on the customer’s cart amount.
You can use a fixed price or a percentage of the customer’s cart amount.
You also have a nice rounding option.
You can enable tax for this fee.


A usual scenario that troubles every WooCommerce Shop Admin is that he can’t charge the Cash on Delivery payment method with an extra fee.
That’s a very crucial requirement for the e-shops since almost everyone is charging extra this method.

This plugin except of covering the above scenario, it goes many steps further, providing a high variety of restrictions and variable extra fees. It’s the only COD plugin you’ll ever need.

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